Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sharing A Great Quote...Summarizes my Gluten Free YEAR

I went to lunch with a friend last week and saw a quote on the chalkboard of the restaurant: If it CAME from a plant eat it. If it was MADE in a plant don't.

This quote really summarizes my journey over the last year. April 5, 2012 I started my GLUTEN FREE DIET and have found myself having more energy and less reactions to foods.

At first I was unaware of what to do. I was unsure what I could eat. After a year, I can comfortably say that I have a handle on my new diet/lifestyle.

Gluten Free foods are foods that are closer to their natural form. The FEW packaged foods that I do eat have only a handful of ingredients, all of which are easily pronounced.

Over the past year NUMEROUS products have appeared on local supermarket shelves to accommodate people maintaining a GLUTEN FREE diet/lifestyle. Many products are, more likely than not, gluten free but manufactured in facilities where some cross-contamination may occur so they do not label their product "Gluten Free".

Numerous restaurants have Gluten Free options on their menu, or have a separate gluten free menu. Just ask! The kitchen may not be 100% gluten free but the dish can be prepared gluten free for you.