Saturday, November 2, 2019

Clean Your Home ... Naturally

Cold Weather ... Holidays ... Spending More Time Inside ...

As the year draws to a close, many of us will spend more time inside either due to unpleasant weather, fewer hours of daylight, or entertaining family and friends. If you are planning on entertaining over the holidays, you are probably starting to decorate and clean the house.Have you stopped to consider whether the products you use to clean your home are actually harmful?

Take Stock of Your Cleaning Products

M products used in our homes contain ingredients that can potentially harm our health, our pet’s health, and the environment. Take a look around your house and read labels. Do you notice many of the products you use are chemical- laden? Take inventory of your detergents, household cleaners, hand sanitizers, air fresheners, perfumes, body lotions, hair products, deodorants, soaps, and cosmetics.

Transform Your Home ... Economically

Years ago I transformed my home by replacing my cleaning products with environmentally friendly options. I no longer cough when I spray a mirror to clean it! The transformation can be costly if you have a large stack of products that have just been opened. Instead of being wasteful, use this time to research alternative products to replace yours with when you finish them. Research clean product choices at and, and download an app such as Detox Me at to walk you through the process and track your progress.
I have found products that I love that are mailed to me…I HATE the chemical smell of the cleanser aisle in stores!

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