Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Homemade Ginger Tea

I am fighting something and decided to begin my homemade experiment with GINGER TEA. I took two inches of ginger (I peeled the ginger and cut it in half lengthwise.) in a medium saucepan filled with 4-6 cups of water.

I brought the contents of the pan to a boil and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes.

I experimented with serving it with and without honey. That would be according to your taste. I did a half teaspoon of honey when I tested it out. The honey did enhance the flavor of the ginger.

A healthy can be made while you are doing something else around the house. Much more economical than purchasing a box of GINGER tea bags...You could always make a portion ahead of time and refrigerate and microwave when you are ready to for a warm cup of tea.

JUST REMEMBER...add the honey to the warm liquid, if you do add it, do NOT heat the honey as it is known to reduce its medicinal benefits.

A New Year...A New Idea...

I have decided to do my best to eliminate packaged foods from my diet. I know it cannot be avoided from time to time, but I can eliminate what I can control! One of my favorite blogs to read is 100 Days of Real Food. I have been eliminating processed food from my diet for almost 2 years. When I decided to become Gluten Free for my HEALTH I saw how many items in my pantry I could not use. Over the past 20 months I have rid my cupboards and refrigerator of gluten laden ingredients.

What I have noticed is that WHAT I am purchasing as gluten free alternatives has quite a bit of sugar. This year I am looking to eliminate some of those purchased foods and create them from scratch.

I am a full time high school teacher and a group fitness instructor. I care about my health and the health of my family. My time is limited so the changes I make need to be gradual and become a routine. That will allow them to stick...that will allow them to be accomplished while doing everything that I do.

My first three goals:

Look for recipes and pictures to come!