Sunday, November 18, 2018

Carpe Diem: Active Aging with Your Tribe

CARPE DIEM! Make the most of each day. 

Strive to be your best self by getting proper nutrition, sleep, and activity. If we can seize each day, we have a chance to age gracefully. Some people are intrinsically motivated and can push themselves to be the best they can be. Many people are extrinsically motivated and need a community to push them to achieve.

To seize the day, we need to invite others into our tribe. A community allows us to become exposed to new ideas and to share our individual and shared experiences.

Build Community ... Find Your Tribe

Aging well is fostered by a community. The world's oldest living people have come from communities that prioritize spending time with family and friends.

Surround yourself with people who have similar interests. Find your tribe and thrive in the energy of the community. Community building provides conversation, a workout partner, and inspiration to try new things.

The Tribe That Gets Fit Together Ages Gracefully Together

The American Council for Exercise, ACE, suggests adults engage in moderate intensity physical activity for at least 150 minutes each week. Many people do not get that amount unless they have an active hobby. Find a tribe that likes to be active doing activities such as: walk, hike, ride bikes, and practice yoga. Studies show that being physically active 2.5 hours per week adds 5 years to your life. Schedule time to be active and add years to your life!

Embrace Nature

People who enjoy spending time in nature have better mental health and a lower risk of dying from cancer and other chronic diseases. According to a July 2018 article in Science Daily, "exposure to greenspace reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure." The author states, "Populations with higher levels of greenspace exposure are also more likely to report good overall health -- according to global data involving more than 290 million people." If you live in a city and can spend leisure time or vacations in greenspace it would be beneficial. 

Young people participate in may outdoor physical activities from impromptu games organized with friends to sporting events in which they are competing. As we age we spend more and more time inside working, taking care of the home, and driving to and from our events and our children's events. As adults, we need to harness our inner child and find a way to get outside when we can. The neighborhood in which we live and work may be filled withe concrete, our family schedules might make this a challenge, but we need to find some way to FIND THE GREEN. Celebrate the moments you can get into nature for physical activity.
 My husband and I like to find outdoor activities when we are on vacation.

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Sleep Better ... Sleep More

Do you get enough sleep? If the answer is NO, there may not be a simple solution that can help you get the rest you need. It may be work and family responsibilities that are time consuming at the moment. It may be an injury or illness that causes discomfort and makes it difficult to get the rest your body desires. No matter the cause for your lack of adequate sleep, you can find ways to maximize the rest you get as you work to get more sleep!

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

  • Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. It is a misconception that older adults need less sleep. They may be less tired at the end of the day due to a lighter activity level during the course of the day but they do need 7-9 hours of sleep. 
  • School age children and teens need 8-11 hours of sleep to support their growing and developing bodies. 

Why We Do Not Sleep Enough

  • Stress is a factor stated by many people. Pressure is felt at work and at home. There is no time in some people's daily routines to relax after fulfilling all of the must-dos. 
  • Caffeine and alcohol rob many people of a good night's sleep. Both alter sleep cycles and mask the feeling of fatigue. 
  • Blue lights from technology make it difficult to fall asleep quickly. The blue light is the brain's cue to wake up. If your eyes are focused on the blue light in the hours before bedtime, your brain may have a difficult time gearing down to shut down for the night. Studies have also linked that blue light before bed to serious eye problems like Macular Degeneration.
  • Aging people often have difficulty sleeping as well as they did when they were younger as the body produces less of the hormone that regulates deep sleep. Older women have a more difficult time than older men due to hormonal changes during menopause. 

What happens if We Do NOT Get Enough Sleep?

  • The brain does not function properly without enough sleep. You may feel "cloudy" in your thought processes and your reflexes a bit slower.
  • Lack of sleep weakens your immune system, increases inflammation, and increases your perception of pain. 
  • Sleep deprivation can also lead to depression and mood swings.
  • Studies have shown that driving exhausted can be as dangerous as driving under the influence. According to WedMD, "Driver fatigue was responsible for an estimated 83,000 motor vehicle accidents between 2005 and 2009 and 803 deaths in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration."
  • Lack of sleep can lead to obesity and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Chamomile Tea

How Can We Get More Sleep...Naturally?

  • Nutrition can help us get more sleep. We can eat foods that foster relaxation and sleep. 
  • Practicing relaxation techniques before bed. Some people take a yoga class to unwind after all day while others prefer to do some gentle stretches and meditation on their own, in their bedroom, just before getting into bed. LINK to Yoga for Stress Poses.
  • Meditation on your own or through a guided practice is helpful for some people.  
  • Turning away from blue light technology an hour or two before bed will help the eyes rest and prepare for sleep. 
  • Regular exercise will help you sleep better (and crave healthier, sleep fostering foods).
  • Drink a cup of chamomile or passion flower tea before bed.
  • Take a supplement like melatonin.

Passion Flower

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Coconut Oil is a MUST-HAVE product for your home!

Coconut Oil is a MUST-HAVE product for your home!

Why use Coconut Oil?

It is easy to digest and is NOT stored as fat.
It provides you with FAST energy and is full of medium chain fatty acids
It provides benefits to your heart, brain, eyes, skin, and joints 
It is free from gluten and animal products

Coconut Oil Has Uses Outside the Kitchen

Yes, coconut oil is great to use in the kitchen but it also can be used for NATURAL BEAUTY.
1 TBSP contains 640 mg of the antifungal caprylic acid
1 TBSP contains 550 mg of capric acid to support healthy inflammation response

Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids to nourish skin, hair, and nails
Coconut Oil can be used to make:
Coconut Oil can also be used to:

Purchase Products Made with Coconut Oil

I enjoy using Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier for essential oils to reduce the rate at which the essential oil evaporates. 

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