Monday, January 4, 2016

16 Things to Work On in 2016

#1 on my list is making a conscious effort to make sure I get more sleep this year. My first step is to replace my pillows. I have always been told they need to be replaced every few years so am on a pilgrimage to get new ones. I am a fan of firm pillows and am having a challenging time finding FIRM ENOUGH pillows. After several attempts, I think I found a pair of Extra Firm Ralph Lauren pillows at TJ Maxx.

I decided it was the correct time to replace my pillows.  I find myself rearranging the pillow in the middle of the night to get more support.  When I awaken, the indentation from my head remains in the pillow until I forcefully fluff it.

According to all of the research I have done, there is no specific requirement for replacing pillows. I have read tips to replace pillows between 12-36 months or when pillows fold and do not spring back into shape. New pillows add support but also rid the home of dust mites.

Happy Sweet 16 ...

What a positive greeting I was met with when I called a friend at her office. I was thrown aback by the comment and, after it was repeated, finally understood what was being said. This positive greeting set the tone for my day.

As we transition into the first work week of 2016 we need to think about the positive impact we can have in the new year. Perhaps we need to continue on the road we are on or need to make some changes. Each of us in a different place.

If you wish to tackle something new, start with one goal at a time. Set realistic steps on your path to achieving the goal and celebrate the accomplishments.

In 2015 I took time off this blog to focus on completing something I started, my masters, and to start a new adventure, a gluten free food blog, I am back in 2016 to develop BOTH blog communities as they go hand-in-hand. A healthy body is a result of a healthy lifestyle. For me, a healthy lifestyle requires me to follow a gluten free diet.

A key component to a healthy lifestyle is finding the right balance between work and leisure while getting enough sleep. I know I need to add more hours of sleep to my day!  In 2016 I am going to make a conscious effort to better balance my sleep schedule.