Friday, February 6, 2015


Beth Shaw’s YogaLean is a remarkable book meant to help readers develop lean consciousness. She lays out a simple plan to achieve lean consciousness, formatted after the eight limbs of yoga; she calls the path the Eight Limbs of YogaLean. The path involves clearing clutter from your life, understanding your body type, emotionally committing to stay positive through the journey, exercise, and nutrition.

Each one of us has transformations to make in our lives. Beth Shaw is here to help us on our journey; we are not alone. She walks us through the eight limbs, she is our coach as we embark on our transformation.

YogaLean is a positive book. It does not tell you what NOT to do rather it gives you tips on what TO do to have a healthy lifestyle, something I have been trying to do for as long as I can remember. My favorite part of the book is the section that gives you an opportunity to learn about your body type. This section helped me better get to know myself and those around me. Now I can understand why my family orders such diverse foods when we go to a restaurant together! Understanding MY body’s natural tendencies has helped me let go of judgment and competition. I am focused on being the healthiest person I can be, not comparing myself to others. I cannot change my genetics, but I can make the best of what I have!I connected with the book right away!

I lead a healthy lifestyle and understand that life is a matter of choices, YogaLean encourages readers to make more positive choices than not.

I will share a few recipes from the book from time to time!

For more information about living the YogaLean lifestyle, visit their website, Interested in buying the book? You can find it available by following this link.