Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Environmental Awareness in the Kitchen

Taking care of the environment is important to me. Over the past several years I have made changes in my kitchen to make it more environmentally friendly. The SWAPS I made were gradual, as managing my finances was necessary. My Journey to Zero Waste is not over, I am committed to the journey.

Simple Kitchen Swap #1: Replace Plastic Food Storage Containers with Glass

I looked for sales and started to replace my plastic storage containers with glass. The glass containers are safe to use in the microwave, oven, and freezer. They are versatile and do not have compounds that will leach out into my food.

I pack glass storage containers in my lunch and take them to work. They weigh a bit more, but the health benefits are worth it!

I did NOT waste the plastic containers! I continue to use them for other purposes in my home and classroom.

Simple Kitchen Swap #2: Reuse Packaging when you purchase packaged goods

The products that I do purchase packaged/pre-made has decreased over the years. When I do purchase packaged goods, I find a way for the packaging to have at least one more use.

Plastic bags or packaging with a ziploc seal are used for food storage or for kitty litter.

Glass jars are washed and rinsed and used again to store my homemade nut butters, prepare my overnight oats, make a smoothie, or store bulk purchased items.

 Image above is Berry Overnight Oats Featuring Sunwarrior.

Image above is coconut water from a coconut I opened. 

 Simple Kitchen Swap #3: Use cloth rather than paper

Yes, I know you might be thinking that using cloth towels is not a good idea because they can hold germs. This is true, but then can be washed! I prefer to use cloth towels in the kitchen to dry my hands after washing, to dry pots and pans after washing, and to clean up spills. I switch the towels out regularly to maintain a sanitary kitchen. Cloth napkins can be used instead of paper to reduce waste.

TIP: Each time I run the dishwasher I put my kitchen sponge in to sanitize it. Another way to sanitize it is to soak the sponge with water and put it in the microwave for a minute. The sponge is sanitized and the humidity helps clean the microwave (wipe clean after you remove the HOT sponge)
 Kitchen Swap #4 .... Reusable storage wrap

Delicious Living has an article about using reusable food storage wrap. This is my next path to explore! What sustainable food storage wraps do you use? What products have you found to work well? Please share so we can all learn from one another! Read the full article Sustainability tip: Why you should switch to reusable food wrap.