Monday, January 4, 2016

16 Things to Work On in 2016

#1 on my list is making a conscious effort to make sure I get more sleep this year. My first step is to replace my pillows. I have always been told they need to be replaced every few years so am on a pilgrimage to get new ones. I am a fan of firm pillows and am having a challenging time finding FIRM ENOUGH pillows. After several attempts, I think I found a pair of Extra Firm Ralph Lauren pillows at TJ Maxx.

I decided it was the correct time to replace my pillows.  I find myself rearranging the pillow in the middle of the night to get more support.  When I awaken, the indentation from my head remains in the pillow until I forcefully fluff it.

According to all of the research I have done, there is no specific requirement for replacing pillows. I have read tips to replace pillows between 12-36 months or when pillows fold and do not spring back into shape. New pillows add support but also rid the home of dust mites.

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