Saturday, August 25, 2018

Oral Care is Total Body Care

Oral hygiene is something our parents taught as as children. Many of our parents instructed us on the technique we should use to brush our teeth and how long we should brush our teeth. Some of my friends had parents who set timers so they did not rush through the process. The importance of flossing was stressed to remove food from between teeth in an effort to avoid cavities.

Oral Care and Total Body Care

As we became adults we learned that oral care is much more important than having teeth that LOOK GOOD. Oral care is a large component to complete care of one's body. According to Jessica Rubino in her article for Delicious Living Magazine, "science shows there is a connection between periodontal disease (which can stem from severe gum-tissue inflammation caused by bacterial buildup) and cardiovascular disease". Now we KNOW we need to keep our smile looking good to keep our body feeling good.

The Oral Health Nevada infographic above charts the health risks associated with improper oral care.

According to the American Dental Association, medications can affect oral care. Some medications cause dry mouth, some can cause abnormal bleeding, while others alter taste buds while you are taking them.

Oral Care Ingredients

If it is important that we care for our teeth to protect our overall health, shouldn't it be important to consider WHAT we are using to care for our teeth. Many people pick a toothpaste and mouthwash for the flavor it provides. Some people are sold on the "whitens teeth" message on the packaging. Some people go for terms such as "fights bacteria" or "freshens breath".

What is important for consumers to consider is WHAT is in the product to back up the package claims. Consumers need to look for NATURAL INGREDIENTS rather than rely on caustic synthetics. Manufacturers that use natural products such as xylitol, neem, sea salt, peppermint and even cocoa are favored in lieu of triclosan, alcohol, artificial colors and fragrance and other potentially harmful ingredients found in conventional oral care products.

The Environmental Working Group created a Cosmetic Database to analyze products available in the marketplace. Check out their site for product reviews for oral care products and other personal care items.

Personal Preference

I recently switched to natural oral care products and have loved the feeling of clean teeth without the chemical taste in my mouth. The products are out there. Next time you need to purchase oral care products, give a natural product a chance!

If you wish to read the full article: Bruch up on healthy oral care.

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