Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 5 WORST Environmental Pollutants in your Beauty Products

Did anyone read this article today?

We need to read labels CAREFULLY so that we are aware of what we are putting ON as well as IN our body.

Recently my husband and I have recommitted to eating more naturally. We are shopping more at the local farmers markets and purchasing organic in the stores. This can get expensive. We are slowly integrating more and more green products into our home. I have discontinued using store bought chemicals for cleaning and have started to use, and sell, Amway products as they are GREEN and have been for 50 years...well before it was THE POPULAR thing to be. The plant based home care products do not have a chemical odor and have reduced the sniffles we used to have when we cleaned. The organic ingredients get my clothes even cleaner.

After this article I am off to read more about what I am using for my personal care!

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