Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy Pose...Sukhasana

Sounds easy...well it can be much more challenging if you take time to pay attention to the details.

Sukhasana is a grounding pose that can be done in a yoga class or can be part of your personal practice at home.

Start by finding a seat with your pubic bone and tail bone so they are equidistant from the floor. Place your feet under your knees so your femurs extend. You can sit up on a bolster if your knees elevate above your hips. You can place support under your knees if you wish greater relaxation. NOTICE WHICH LEG IS IN FRONT.

Once you found YOUR comfortable seat stack your vertebrae one on top of another creating a tall spine. If you wish you can even sit with a wall behind you so you feel the support of the wall. Breathe in to draw breath up your spine, maintain the height of your spine, and exhale to draw breath down your spine. Breathe deeply and evenly. Perhaps count to 5 on your inhalation and exhalation.

Your hands may rest palm up or down upon your knees. Find what is comfortable for you. Palm up is more of a chest opener. Another option is placing your hands at prayer at your heart. This allows you to feel the breath as it travels up and down your spine. Be mindful to sit tall and aim your shoulders out, try to avoid rounding. if you are indoors, think of aiming your shoulders toward opposite walls.

Half way through your practice gently switch the cross of your legs. The leg in front is getting the most work. You want to even out your body.

My take away from this pose is to remember to focus on details in yoga and each aspect of my life. I can take aspects of my yoga practice with me "off the mat". I can take Sukhasana with me in the car and sit tall as I drive. I can have good posture as I stand in line at the grocery store. I can remember to breathe evenly and fully to keep myself calm in each situation I face.

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