Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunscreen is IMPORTANT but don't forget to add VITAMIN D to your Diet

We are inundated with messages about how IMPORTANT it is to use sunscreen...and apply it often. We continually hear about SPF levels and UVA/UVB protection. Preventing or delaying the onset of skin cancer is important. Taking measures to ensure we have QUALITY and QUANTITY of life is a responsibility we have to our families and friends.

One thing that gets left out of the equation when we use sunscreen is VITAMIN D. Sunscreen with an SPF of 8 or more blocks the skin's ability to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. Therefore, as we prevent skin cancer, we block a vital nutrient,VITAMIN D, from entering our skin.

How can we replace the lost VITAMIN D? Vitamin D is added to most milk found in the United States as it is vital to the body's absorption of Calcium. After all, we have been told since we were young to "drink milk to get strong bones". We cannot rely ONLY on milk that is fortified with Vitamin D to provide us with enough Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones. There are supplements that you can take to add Vitamin D to your diet. Another way to add Vitamin D is to eat foods that can provide you with the proper nutrients. Vitamin D can be found in a variety of foods like: sockeye salmon, cod liver oil, shiitake and button mushrooms, egg yolks, some cheeses, tuna, Silk Soymilk and some cereals. Check out the following website to read about SPECIFIC sources of Vitamin D in foods:

Protect your skin AND protect your bones. Make healthy choices!

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