Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make Personal Fitness a Priority

Personal fitness is a priority in my life. The time I spend being athletic is the time I have to relax. The gym, yoga studio, pilates class or tennis court provide me with respite. I think clearer in those spaces. The quiet time allows me to reflect.

I find ways to work my personal fitness routine into my day. During a normal work week, it is after work. I utilize the time to relax after a day of giving to others.

As a school teacher, my summer fitness schedule is NOT routine. I am more flexible with my time (and try to take more yoga classes to get more flexible physically!) and can vary my activities. The change of pace is welcomed!

I have been traveling quite a bit recently and have found that may gyms welcome guests. You too can make the time for your personal fitness when traveling with a little leg work. Many gyms offer "specials" to entice you to try their space. Many yoga studios have promotions that allow you to take a first class free or pay a set amount, usually very reasonable, to try out the studio for a week (hoping you will take enough classes to get hooked on the studio OR an specific instructor). You can always hit the streets and walk or run around a new location to discover a new place, weather and safety permitting.

In the midst of your busy summer, stay cool, stay hydrated and STAY FIT!

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