Sunday, July 24, 2011

Personal Fitness when traveling

If you find yourself traveling and unable to fit a yoga mat into your luggage or fit attending a class into your travel schedule, if you have a laptop and access the the internet you can attend a class on YOUR schedule!

Q: How is that possible you ask?

A: Well, one of the chanels on is Gaiam's wake Up Workout. Pick the workout you wish to do and you are all set! As of today, 26 episodes are posted. They range from Pilates to Yoga to Power Sculpt to Boot Camp. There is something for everyone. You may even want to try something new in the privacy of your hotel room!

Q: How do I make my hotel environment more like a studio environment?

A: One thing you can do is use a towel (or two for cushioning) as a mat. If you feel more comfortable with the use of a yoga mat, you can purchase mini yoga mats for your hands and feet so you do not slide. Amazon and other retailers sell yoga paws and feet.

Q: What will I need to pack?

A: Your computer and whatever clothing is appropriate for you to workout is all that you will need. Remember, you will be in the privacy of your own room!

Remember, a class online or on a DVD is an option when you cannot take a class in person. Taking a class in person is always best as a trained instructor can give you tips that adapt an exercise to fit your body and can give you tips to make changes if you are doing an exercise incorrectly.

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