Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New School Year Starts...Time to Revist New Year's Resolutions

A new school year is symbolic of a fresh start. The calendar reminds us that there are just over 4 months left in 2011. Perhaps this is a good time to revisit each of our New Year's Resolutions. There is time to make adjustments to the routines that we are in before the year is complete!

Fall is a season that provides people with many opportunities NOT to have a Healthy Body and Healthy Lifestyle. Perhaps we may attend football tailgates or sit around for hours watching football games on television. Perhaps our workout routine is outdoors. As the days get shorter and the weather more unpredictable, a now routine needs to be established. Along with these potential bumps in the road, add Halloween candy in stores, Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends and Holiday parties at work and family celebrations.

What can be done now? Let's look at a few tips that can keep each of us healthy through the remainder of 2011:

Are you drinking enough water? Make sure to stay hydrated. How much is enough? Well, when you find that your urine is clear, you know you are hydrated. The volume needed depends on the foods you eat, the level of physical activity and the humidity in your environment. A good rule of thumb is 48 ounces.

Why drink so much water? Water is a great thirst quencher PLUS it hydrates you with ZERO calories, no added sugars, no added colors, etc. Another added bonus to drinking water is that is may control your appetite. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. Often the feeling of hunger mimics the feeling of thirst. After 20 minutes, if the water does not control your appetite, then you really are hungry. If not, you did the correct thing for you and satisfied your thirst!

Water also helps the body in the digestion process. If you absolutely cannot stand the taste of water, make choices to still drink liquids that do not dehydrate you. You can add Energen-C packets to your water to add flavor as well as vitamins. You could add a caffeine free tea bag to your water to add flavor without the dehydrating caffeine. Another option is to add a slice, or squeeze, of fresh lemon or lime.

How can you make sure you get enough? Why not carry a water bottle with you wherever you go? I suggest an environmentally friendly option of a refillable bottle.

To read more about the health benefits of drinking water, you can visit Secrets of Longevity, Mayo Clinic and Natural Remedies.

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