Thursday, September 1, 2011

Revisiting New Year's Resolutions...5 Ways to RELAX

Did you start 2011 with the intention to find opportunities to relax. Did you try to find methods to eliminate built up stress? If you have found yourself slipping back into routines that are not healthy, now is a great time to get back on track...before the holidays bring a big in routine! Here are a few inexpensive methods that you can use to eliminate some stress from your day. Perhaps one will work for you!

1. Turn off television before you fall asleep. It's better to fall asleep to a book. The noise of the television while you sleep can cause your sleep to be fitful. Pick up a book or grab an e-Reader and get lost in a story. Give yourself 5-10-15 minutes each night and see how you are able to fall asleep quickly...and perhaps learn something! Need a book recommendation? Join and fidn out what others are reading.

2. Learn to say "NO". Take time to look at the activities that you are committed to on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Perhaps you are involved in more than you can give 100% of you, time, talents and treasures. Is it time to step back from one? Most people do not want to walk away from something in which they are involved. Perhaps you can take a smaller role? Finding the balance between work, family, volunteer and personal down time is a challenge. Try to fill your life with activities that you know you are able to give you all. If you are have too much going, you'll always be anxious knowing you can always do more.

3. Make a list of what you need to do! Don't force yourself to remember everything and get upset when you do not. Write down what needs to be done and cross an item off the list when it is completed. It will be a visual sense of accomplishment each time you cross off an item!

4. Find time to exercise. The health benefits of exercise are numerous. The time you spend exercising is your time. The time you devote to this is the time you have each day. Many website stream fitness videos giving you the flexibility to exercise at the time of day that works best for your schedule. Add some yoga or pilates to your life.

5. Get a massage if you wish to splurge. Massages range in style and price, there should be one that is right for you. Start your search with recommendations from friends. The Massage Envy chain has reasonable rates for new clients. Perhaps you have one in your area.

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