Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jerusalem Artichokes...a NEW FIND at the Farmer's Market

For a while I have been looking at these roots on display at one of the farmers my husband and I frequent. A month or two ago I finally asked what they were. He told us they were Jerusalem Artichokes and could be cooked like potatoes. Sounded interesting. I decided to wait for cooler weather and give it a try.

Within the last month potatoes AND jerusalem artichokes have been available at the farmer's market. I asked the farmer how to prepare them (as well as how to pick out one). He told me to pick out the ones that have less nodules as they are the easiest to clean and work with. I decided to follow the farmer's instructions and boil the potatoes and jerusalem artichokes together. I mashed them and added a small amount of butter (salt free), salt, and pepper. They were wonderful! The jerusalem artichokes added a slight different flavor and texture to the mashed potatoes. It was delightful! Like potatoes, the skin is's a personal preference whether you eat the skin or not!

Now that I know I like them, I want to find more uses for them. I am curious what health benefits may come from eating them. I have started to research.

Jerusalem artichokes have been used as a potato substitute for people with diabetes. This is good to know as diabetes runs in both my family and my husband's.

They are high in iron and a good side dish for any protein.

I looked them up on Food Network's website and am looking forward to trying a few recipes! Cauliflower is on sale this week...I think I'll try the Spice-Roasted Cauliflower with Jerusalem Artichoke recipe first!

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