Friday, June 1, 2012

Stained Teeth? Food CAN help!

Coffee and tea stains on the teeth get removed, or lightened, at one's semi-annual dental visit. While there are products you can buy to whiten teeth, I have been searching for natural remedies. I try to use as few chemicals in/on my body as possible.

Looking high and low I have compiled the following list of FOODS THAT HELP WHITEN TEETH NATURALLY.

STRAWBERRIES A great product in the spring when the berry is abundant and the prices low. The enzyme malic acid helps break down the stains on your teeth.

APPLES, CELERY, and CARROTS. These crunchy vegies help whiten teeth by increasing saliva production. Apples are usually in season and found at reasonable prices in the fall (opposite strawberries). HARD CHEESES do the same thing!

. The tart fruits increase saliva productions which helps your body "wash" out your mouth.

BROCCOLI, SPINACH, and LETTUCE add a film to your teeth which helps protect them from stains.

DARK CHOCOLATE strengthens tooth enamel so stains have less of a chance to "set".


is not a food, many people have some in the kitchen. Have you noticed it is a main ingredient in many commercial toothpastes? You can add some water to a dab of baking soda to create a paste and brush your teeth with the HOMEMADE toothpaste.

If you like the taste of coffee and/or tea, or just need the caffeine to accomplish your "To Do" list, consider finding a natural way to clean your teeth. A natural cleanser to remove a natural stain.

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  1. Great suggestions, tfs.

  2. While eating apples and tart fruits such as oranges do help with teeth stain prevention and overall oral health, I have reservations with recommending dark chocolate, as it can lead the way to even more dental problems. But I guess everything in moderation helps. Great post. Cheers!

    Ormsby Dental