Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gluten ... JUST SAY NO!

I have suffered from ECZEMA since I was a teen. For several years friends and family members have dropped hints that I should try to eliminate GLUTEN from my diet to see if it helps my skin. Their thought, if medications still were not helping after over 20 years, perhaps another avenue needed to be taken to try to make myself less uncomfortable (itchy/raw/infected skin).

I listened to skin cleared up...the awful "aftertaste" in my mouth went away...I gained back energy and a zest for life!

AFTER I did the experiment I started to read up about the connections between ECZEMA and GLUTEN. Numerous stories exist that one can find doing a simple search on any database.

My diet has always included MANY MANY MANY fruits and vegetables. I love rice,potatoes, and quinoa. I do not eat meat with every meal. What have I had to eliminate? Not much. There are Gluten Free snacks like pretzels, granols bars, and crackers. Gluten free pastas, bread mixes, and cereals are manufactured.

What I have reduced from my diet is packaged snack foods. Perhaps they will be eliminated one day. Eliminating processed foods from one's diet is a good thing anyway!

If you think that you may have a sensitivity to gluten, I suggest you try eliminating it from your diet for a few weeks then testing a few food items back in to find your personal level of tolerance. This piece of advice was given to me by friends and I have read in numerous places online. You can also see your doctor about getting tested and setting up a meal plan.

There are numerous resources out there. I have spent HOURS researching. A few I suggest you look at include:
Celiac Disease
Gluten Free Info web

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