Friday, August 17, 2012

Do It Yourself Projects .. Feel Satisfaction From Your HARD Work

I happened upon a blog recently that listed DIY projects that one could do around the house! Read the 7 Summer DIY Projects for your backyard that inspired me to write this post and to accomplish a few things around my home this summer! From that list, create a raised garden bed is still on my "To-Do" list.

A Healthy Body and Healthy Lifestyle includes challenging one's mind and body. The challenge includes not only physical labor but also research to figure out the proper steps to complete each task...and to understand when NOT to tackle a DIY project if it is beyond the scope of our abilities!

Some rather simple DIY Projects that many people can tackle, rather than have to pay someone to do the work include:
washing the windows and screens 9depending on HEIGHT and style of windows)
painting home interior
changing the knobs on cupboard doors to update the look in a kitchen or bathroom
sealing the grout in tile floors
finding new recipes and cooking more from "scratch"
establishing a garden (bed, container, or raised) to grow more of your own vegetables

You could enlist SOME assistance ...
Use the website LULU to turn YOUR photos into a customized calendar (a great gift idea)
Use Createmycookbook to turn your new recipes into a book (another gift idea)
Find a community garden and trade your excess with others

While you are in the mindset of DIY, think of others...
If you are organizing a closet, donate the clothes and shoes you find you have not worn in a while, or no longer fit but are just collecting dust. Your trash is another person's treasure!
Do you still have CD's sitting around the house? VHS tapes? If you no longer use them, take them to a library where they WILL have a greater chance of being used.

DIY can take on many names ... spring cleaning, "honey do list", and many others. The more we can accomplish on our own, the more satisfaction will will have from the project. Do your research and only tackle what you are capable of yourself, or with the help of a good friend! Injuries are NOT a badge of success!

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