Monday, January 7, 2013

Soup ... Gluten Free or Vegetarian

I try to purchase food as close to the source as possible. Not only is it healthy but it also reduces my carbon footprint. Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market and was SHOCKED at how picked over the vendors were! I was pleased to see that they had a great deal of business, and a bit disappointed that I could not get all the produce I normally can. Perhaps many people made a new year's resolution to shop locally and/or purchase organic products?

I have been promoting a Healthy Body Healthy Lifestyle for several years. After a week of 2013 has gone by, I look to share with you again my tips. I'll include GLUTEN FREE and VEGETARIAN options to traditional meals for those of you that need to prepare foods for a variety of "eaters" in your household (or those coming to dinner) as well as exercises and tips to strengthen your mind, body, spirit connection.

For today, a recipe...

For a COLD January day I was looking to pick up ingredients for soup. Including one stop at the traditional grocery store, I had all I needed to make a warm meal!

I cut up half an onion and a stalk of celery. I let them sweat in a pot until they began to brown. Then I added beef stew meat - turning often to get a slight coating on the outside of the meat to seal in moisture. Once the base was set, I added three beef bouillon cube, eight cups of water (I prefer my soup to be low sodium - one cup of water per cub is traditional), and a bay leaf. I brought it to a boil then let it simmer for a few hours. After a few hours I cut the meat into smaller chunks and added organic potatoes and carrots from the farmer's market (diced to desired size). I added a few of the carrot greens as well. I let it cook until the vegetables were tender.

This recipe is GLUTEN FREE but can be made VEGETARIAN as well by preparing BEANS instead of meat. Dry beans can be soaked overnight and rinsed. In the add meat portion of the recipe the re-hydrated beans can be added. More liquid may be needed if the beans soak up too much in the cooking process. Vegetable broth/stock can be used in place of the beef.

Either soup form can be made thicker by adding less liquid OR a greater portion of meat/beans, potatoes, and/or's up to you!

This can be served with GLUTEN FREE crackers/bread or traditional crackers/bread.

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