Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reduce Clutter...Donate and Recyle...Reduce Stress

If you can clear out your living space and your vehicle, you should find your daily stress reduced! No longer will you have to spend valuable time looking for an item, it will be easy to locate. Your valuable time can be spent working on projects, spending time with friends, or having valuable personal time.

If you are like me, you purchase shoes on sale or at discount retailers like TJ MAXX and do not have the original box for the shoes. LABEL YOUR SHOE BOXES so you know the color and style inside each one. An idea is to use an index card or a post-it note and write the shoe information on the paper and tape it to the box. If the box outlives the shoes, you may layer another label on top of the first.

Many people have a "junk drawer". This drawer catches many odds and ends in your home. Go through the drawer and remove items that are no longer relevant.

Many of us save emails thinking we will get back to them. Spend time going through your email and bookmark sites, write down key details, or organize your emails into folders. THEN make it a habit of starting and ending each day with a clear in-box.

Do you have broken/damaged items around the house? Either get them repaired or donate them. Remember, just because it is not the right item for you, it may be a treasure to another person. Donate when you can. Keep our landfills clean!

A few places where you can donate items you no longer use:
Nike Reuse-A-Shoe (rubber soled shoes ground into playgrounds - drop off at Nike Store locations)
Babazuu - small clothing company up-cycles clothing. Have a clothing item with a moth hole or other damaged piece? Mail it to them and they will up-cycle it...perhaps even work with you to create a design out of YOUR items.

Do you have old towels and blankets? Many animal shelters and humane societies will take those items and use them to line cages. Donations GREATLY HELP local humane societies who rely on donations for operating costs.

Remove clutter from your life
Save yourself time
Feel liberated
Appreciate the time saved
Use your new time WISELY
Start a New Routine in 2015!

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