Saturday, April 21, 2018

5 Ways to Clean Your Yoga Mat

My yoga students often ask me how to clean a yoga mat OR how to get rid of the "slippery" feeling of a new yoga mat.

Both mats need cleaning for different reasons. You can buy commercial sprays to clean your mat online and at yoga studios. If using a chemical product and purchasing an additional product is not what you are looking for, there are solution!

1. For GENERAL MAINTENANCE, you can make a 1-1 solution of WHITE vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle. You can use the mixture to spray down both sides of the mat and let it air dry. You can be consistent and do this each time you practice to ensure your mat is clean ... both the side you used and the side that touched the floor! If you do not have an opportunity to do this each time you practice, set a schedule. Perhaps it is your goal to do this the 1st of each month or every Monday. Set a schedule and you will get into a routine! If the idea of using vinegar turns you off, do not worry. The smell goes away as it dries!

2. For a THOROUGH CLEANING, if your yoga mat is machine washable you can place it in the machine on delicate cycle and using cold water. I do this with mine. I run a load with my mat and only my mat in the machine. I add a cup of white vinegar to the small load. I hang the mat on a drying rack. You can use a shower curtain rod to hand the mat also.

3. Another option for a THOROUGH CLEANING, is to place your mat in the bathtub and wash it with vinegar water or a SMALL amount of dish soap (careful as you are looking for NON SLIP/NO RESIDUE). This is good if you need to use a sponge to scrub out any spots (perhaps you were practicing outside?). This is my other go-to for cleaning my mat.

4. To remove ODORS. You can add a small amount (1-3 drops) of essential oil to a water or water vinegar mixture in a spray bottle and spray your mat.

5. Do not forget about your yoga mat bag. It houses your dirty and potentially stinky mat. Take time to wash it too! The last thing you want is a clean mat housed in a bacteria filled bag.

Enjoy your practice! Namaste!

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