Saturday, May 5, 2018

Care for your BODY, Care for the ENVIRONMENT

When you make decisions about what to eat you consider nutrients and how the foods will benefit your body. You take into consideration the cost of the goods as well as the taste too! I make sure I am aware of the current Dirty Dozen List and Clean Fifteen by the Environmental Working Group so that I can make good choices in which products I should buy organic as I do need to watch the money I spend.

When I look to make purchases for home cleaning products I like to use plant based products so I do not damage my body nor the environment with chemicals. Contact me if you have any questions about what products I use.

When I look to make purchases, I look at the company that is getting my money. I try to purchase as much as I can from local farmers at the farmer's markets. You will see me as a regular visitor at the Sunday La Jolla Farmer's Market.

Consider supporting Athleta and purchasing athletic and athleisure apparel from them. Recently they obtained their B Corporation Status. This recognizes their commitment to giving back. This is a BIG step for a major corporation. By 2020 their goal is to have 80% of their fabrics made from sustainable fibers, 80% of their waste diverted from landfills, and 25% of their products made from water saving techniques.

Go studio to street in Athleta apparel. Do something good for the environment. Support companies who give back.

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