Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flaxseed Meal ... What Do I DO With It?

As a yoga and pilates instructor I find it important to not only be fit through exercise but also to eat healthy. I love going to the farmer's market and exploring new fruits and vegetables. Last week I saw celery root ... cannot wait to get it next time and try it!

What I have fallen in love with integrating into my cooking is FLAXSEED MEAL (Bob's Red Mill). Ground Flaxseeds are high in fiber and Omega 3s and help keep cholesterol in control as they act as a digestive aid. You only need TWO TABLESPOONS a day - a small amount packs a punch! From my research I have found that flax seed is very low in carbohydrates, therefore it is great for people who limit their intake of starches and sugars. With diabetes in my family, I try to stay cognizant of foods that may help relatives have a healthy diet. Flaxseeds also include B vitamins, something my physician said I needed to include more of in my diet.

How do I integrate them into my daily life? A few simple ways:
1. Sprinkle on cereal or yogurt with your breakfast
2. Add to baking mixes (muffins, breads, scones, and cookies)
3. Add to homemade granola bar recipes instead of wheat germ (great for those on a gluten free diet)
4. Combine with peanut butter and jelly for a bit of extra fiber
5. Sprinkle on rice, quinoa, or other grains just before will never know it is there!

Two Tablespoons in not much ... BUT you do not need to start with the full serving. Try a pinch here or there ... then add more if your body responds well to the addition!

Bob's Red Mill has a list of recipes that integrate FLAXSEED MEAL ... perhaps you will get a few ideas from the company that you can incorporate into your cooking! The FIRST one from this list that I will try is the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Granola Bars.

It never hurts to try something new on a small scale. A bag of flaxseed meal goes a long way. Experiment with the product and you may find that it is one that you will want to always keep on hand in the pantry!

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