Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Season Tips ... TRAVEL SNACKS

Many people looks to find ways to make it through the holidays without weight gain. Recipes can be modified to make them healthier, but many of us may not bee the cook for a holiday feast. Many of us meet with friends over a meal during the holidays...oftentimes at a restaurant. Let's focus on controlling what we can control.

If you are traveling via plane or train you need to pack a snack or purchase what is available for you on board. My suggestion...pack a snack. You can control your quantity...that means a variety of food groups and GOOD fats. A few suggestions ... all are can be made gluten free:

Pack a peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, or ham and cheese sandwich with a piece of fruit or carrot sticks. (Even better...use homemade peanut butter). Use Whole Grain Bread (Gluten Free or Not). Add greens like spinach or kale to your turkey or ham sandwich.

Pack your own cheese and crackers. Slice cheese and combine with your favorite whole grain crackers. (This can be gluten free or regular crackers...look for LOW sodium crackers here.)

Cut up apples and bring portable peanut butter (many manufacturers have "to go" sizes).

Create a snack mix of nuts and dried fruit. Opt for roasted and unsalted nuts here.

Hummus and vegies is another great option. It is high fiber and you will feel full from healthy foods! (Even better - make your own hummus)

When traveling...drink lots of fluids. Bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it after you have cleared!

Enjoy the holidays. Create memories with family and friends. Make healthy choices ... you want to remember the holidays for the memory...not an expanding waistline.

It takes 30 days to create a habit. Let's start today and take it one day at a time!

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