Sunday, March 24, 2019

Think Twice Before Using Plastic

Think Twice Before Using Plastic 

I read an article, 10 Ways to Say No to Plastic, by Melaina Juntti and learned that humans have generated over 8 billion metric tons of plastic since 1950. The biodegradable plastic is still sitting in landfills, as the decomposition process takes QUITE A LONG TIME. Plastic refuse is everywhere; on the side of the street, in the ocean, in the forest, and in proper recycling/trash bins. 

We Can Make A Difference

We can each make a decision to reduce our own plastic consumption. Some choices can be made on a regular basis like using reusable bags in the store for produce as well as your total purchase. 

Six Choices that can be made that might not be as frequent, but each one makes a difference include:
1.    Purchase wines with real corks
2.    If the store asks you if you wish to take home the plastic hanger, JUST SAY NO!
3.    Avoid using straws in restaurants
4.    Purchase ice cream in a cone, not a cup
5.    Ask your dry cleaner if you can leave your own garment bag for your clothes to be put in once cleaned.
6.    Ask a flight attendant to refill the BPA free bottle you brought on the flight. 

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