Wednesday, December 15, 2010 many health benefits. Why the bad reputation?

Beets are a simple food. You can buy a can of whole, sliced or pickled beets and include them in salads or other recipes. You can also buy beet roots with or without the greens. Both are edible and can be prepared in a variety of manners.

Whole beets can be rinsed clean (cut to speed cooking) and steamed. Beets can also be cut and baked in the oven to make chips. There are many preparations, those are two quick and easy preparations.

Steamed beets can be eaten in salads or as a vegetable side dish. They can be prepared with butter or just served plain. You know they are done when a fork can be pierced into them and it does not find too much resistance. Prepare them as you wish...everyone likes a different amount of "crunch".

A great Beet Chip recipe from Food Network involved baking beets with sweet potatoes. You can also include Potatoes and sliced carrots as well.

If you buy beets with the greens you can cook those as well. Prepare them as you would chard...just change the recipe a bit. Clean the greens thoroughly. Chop up the greens and add to a pan. Saute with some garlic, olive oil and butter ( I prefer to use non salted). After the greens wilt, add some balsamic and reduce.

Why eat beets? They are PACKED with NUTRITION! They have fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. They are said to ward off cancer and asthma as well as aid in digestion and promote liver function. To read more about the health benefits of beets click here.

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