Thursday, December 23, 2010


The weather does not allow us to get outside as much in December as it does in July. Whether we are inside due to rain or snow we are inside more because of shorter days. Now that the shortest day of the year is past us, we can look forward to a few more minutes here and there is daylight.

What can we do inside to keep ourselves active and fit? If you do not have a gym membership, household activities can be done to keep fit.

Activities to do when seated:
If you are sitting and reading a book, reading the newspaper, watching TV or working on the computer you can work your CALF MUSCLES by tapping your feet. Keep your heel on the ground and lift your toes. Tap your toes down. This lengthens the front of your calf.

If you wish to add a HIP OPENER to your seated position, cross the left leg over the right. Keep the left foot flexed to protect the knee. Gently use your left hand to externally rotate your quad muscle and your right hand to keep your ankle flexed. If you wish more intensity, keep a straight back and fold at the hips. Dive your heart toward your shins and aim your hands toward the floor. Carefully come up, leading with your sternum and placing your hands on your hips to take the load off your back. Repeat on the other side. (See the photo from Google Images)

What about a more intense workout when at home? That's possible doing normal household chores. A VACUUM can provide you with a workout. Keep your navel drawn in to keep pelvic and rib stability and you will get core strength as well as an upper body workout with the machine. Use the implements and add in squats to get low areas under chairs, etc. Move furniture to not only clean and help your lungs but also get a workout for your entire body. Remember, pelvic stability is the key to not getting injured.

Being inside does not have to stifle your activity, make the most of what you have.

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