Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was listening to NPR on my way to work today

and heard a story about Going Green and the Holidays. The story focused on whether it was better to purchase a "fake" Christmas tree or cut one down. There guests detailed the debate about cutting down a tree vs a fake tree that can be reused year after year. Allergies aside, it appeared to me that the guests were leaning toward listeners cutting down their own tree. Some people can handle this, some cannot due to allergies.

One alternative I also heard was buying a small pine, or ROSEMARY, in a pot then planting it outdoors when the weather gets warmer. Start a tradition...develop a garden.

I decided to search out more information to see what has less of a carbon footprint.

MSN has a story that basically states that the environmental factor is a wash...it comes down to personal preference.

TreeHugger.com states that it is better to get a real tree that can be recycled.

Ezine articles believes that it is more cost effective and a greener option to buy a "fake" tree if you plan on using it for ten years or more.

Appears like the jury is still out. Whatever your personal preference happens to be, do think about the environment as you make choices this holiday season. Recycle and reuse...accumulate as LITTLE waste as possible!

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