Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pilates Ecercised to beep you STRONG

In Chinese art bamboo symbolizes the ideal man, he bends and sways with adversity and change but does not break. In America in 2010 we need to bend and sway with each twist and turn that life throws at us. The holiday season add a few reasons for us to bend our normal routine.

When participating in home decorating, cooking, entertaining or being entertained, we need to be mindful of our posture so we do not get hurt.

The PRINCIPLES OF ALIGNMENT IN PILATES are tips to keep in mind whether you are on or off the pilates mat.

The FIVE Principles:
1. Pelvic Placement
2. Rib Cage Placement
3. Scapular Movement and Stabilization
4. Head and Cervical Spine Placement
5. Breathing

Let's start with Pelvic Placement AND Rib Cage Placement for today's analysis. If we look at both as a whole, we can see how keeping the two in mind will help keep us safe this holiday season and beyond. There are many details to keep in mind for each segment of our body, the simple truth for today is to KEEP YOUR RIBS IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HIPS.

Think drawing your navel toward your spine and tucking your "tail" under you. This protects your spine and eliminates the chance for starting to develop or perpetuating a deep lordotic curve. (see the image)

How would my ribs and hips get out of alignment?
If you sit for long periods of time (at a social gathering this season perhaps" you may start to slump.
If you need to lift heavy objects, bend your knees and move your back as a unit, rather than have a few vertebrae do all the work.

Protect your body! Thing of your "midline" as your BASE...keeping the ribs and hips in alignment will keep your strong and safe. what can you visualize to help you remember? It may sound silly...think about a worm's clitellum that HUGS the rest of its body. Imagine you wrapped an ace bandage around your midsection to visually look the same.

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