Monday, June 25, 2018

Age with Grace Through the Decades - 40s Edition

Since I am a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach, I encounter a variety of people each day. Through my observations and life experiences, I have developed a mantra: Life is a blank canvas, a masterpiece waiting to be made through food, fitness, family, and friends. The more I see, the more I believe that our DNA plays a role in our health, but the environment in which we live and the choices we make play a large role in the aging process.

I believe in aging gracefully. We cannot stop time but we can embrace change and make the most of what we have. We need to focus on positives rather than on negatives. If we stay young at heart, we have a better chance of welcoming each birthday with a smile.

As a woman in her mid 40s, I am looking to make choices that work for me at this stage of my life. Chatting with female friends that are from multiple decades will not only keep you young and teach you a few practical lessons. These same friends might give you beauty advice that works for them, but may not work for you. One thing that we need to remember when sharing advice with friends, our body's needs change over time so we need to customize for where we are today.

Some key advice I took from the article is that:

  • Women in their 40s may experience JOINT PAIN so adding fish oil, tart cherry juice, and nuts (walnuts are great) to their diet could help reduce inflammation and increase bone density. 
  • Women in their 40s need to make sure to get some exercise. The movement lubricates the joints to help with movement and elimination of waste. 
  • Women in their 40s may benefit from acupuncture to reduce pain rather than become dependent on medications for pain reduction. The medication may be necessary in the future, but an alternative is great if possible. 
  • Women in their 40s may benefit from taking supplements like Type 2 collagen to restore mobility to joints, turmeric to detox and cut inflammation, astaxanthin as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and pycnogenol as an antioxidant and collagen protector.
  •  Skin that appears to be less vibrant can be enhanced through a diet high in anti-oxidant rich foods, through stress reduction (yoga/fitness), through the use of a daily broad spectrum sunscreen, and through enough sleep.

There is a great article on Delicious Living Magazine about Lifelong Vitality that you may with to read if you want more details about YOUR DECADE. The article lists KEY steps to take through the decades.

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