Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Earth Friendly Beauty

I believe in using plant based products to reduce waste and eliminate toxins from my home and body. The plant based products I use, I hope, come from sustainable sources. I do my best to research to make informed decisions. Delicious Living Magazine has a great article that discusses the trend of ORGANIC personal care becoming EARTH FRIENDLY. Take time to look at the article if you wish to read more.

The trend toward clean eating has been going on for quite some time. Clean home and clean beauty is catching up at a rapid pace! The biodynamic certifier Demeter USA lauds companies that invest in doing more for the land and grow ingredients using regenerative practices that support the environment. We need to be aware that companies that list plant based ingredients are using plants that are grown using environmentally sound practices. Formulating with organic or biodynamic ingredients ensures the product is clean and pro-planet. As with organic, biodynamic farming prohibits chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers; it also requires various other seasonal practices that keep the soil healthy and focus on carbon sequestration with the hope of mitigating climate change.

Experts say "consumers should look for companies that engage with farmers directly, or partner with supplier partners who do, to implement best organic and regenerative practices, like cover cropping and using compost to build soil health and organic matter". A Chinese Proverb states, a journey a thousand miles begins with a single step. If each of us take the step to purchase EARTH FRIENDLY BEAUTY, not only will we feel and look good, but we will also help the planet.

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